A couple flickr sets from a couple bloggers

flickr today/yesterday

I came across a nice pair of flickr sets from a couple popular blogs yesterday. Swissmiss walked by a two windows of stickynotes with the words “TO DO” in Dumbo. Over the day(s) it has turned into quite the interactive piece where people have writen their to-do’s. Take a look for yourself at TO-DO art installation in Dumbo.

The second set comes from cityofsound. He’s taken a couple pics from the Otl Aicher exhibition, Vitsoe, London. Otl is a pure design genius, I luv the complex yet easy to understand systems he has created. Looking at those photo reminded me that I should really pick the Otl Aicher book soon.

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  • http://www.swiss-miss.com swissmiss

    Thanks for the plug Michael! I keep wanting to step outside to see if people added more ‘to do’s…