A lot of text is a lot of text?

Hiilly back

I had to smile this morning when I came across the blog post Is Copy Dead or Just Evolving? from Advertising Age. Yes, I’m one of those design people that has a preference to using as little copy as possible when appropriate. It’s a difficult skill to attain, but if you can invoke understanding, emotion and inspiration with only a few choice words like have been done with the advertising for the Economist you’re doing something right. But if you’re writing a compelling message, the length won’t matter if it hits the reader. Case in point, one of the coffee cups is worth spending a moment reading while the other is not…

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  • Francisco

    Yes… I agree with you. Short & sweet is how I like my copy (and coffee too!).
    But when you have more to say… don’t be shy. Just do it with nice type… that helps!

  • http://www.guardedlyoptimistic.com/ Justin

    The copy on the illy cup reads like a creative brief intended to yield a tagline. That said, illy is the bomb.

  • http://www.dennischeatham.com Dennis

    As a designer/writer I see this one two ways, but one thing is consistent: fewer words are better. Sometimes more words are ok – but they need to be good words: the rightwords.

    And your illustration shows this beautifully. Starbucks opens a dialogue with their cup. Illy just smacks you over the head with corporatespeak. Props to Starbucks… shame on you Illy – makes me want to throw the cup away while it’s still full.