The aftermath of eating only one colour per day for a week

Food week of Colour

Last week I mentioned that Johanna was only going to eat one colour of food per day for a week. It was an interesting experiment, maybe a little crazy – but what the hell. If it worked out maybe there would be a new food trend. If it wasn’t the best idea, cool – good thing it wasn’t me. I was curious to know how someone would handle it, would there be sugar highs and lows? Well the week is over and in Johanna’s own words “IT SUCKED”. “By end of Sunday I started to feel terrible. I hadn’t had protein in the previous three days, my body was starting to freak out, etc.” Maybe not the best idea – but if you’re curious to know what colours of the week were good, and which were the worst check out her post week color food.

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  • Johanna

    A little crazy indeed. Everything tastes so much better to me now though… definitely got me appreciating the combinations of different textures and ingredients. Thanks Mike 🙂