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Then We Came To The End

A friend asked me if I was enjoying the book Then We Came To The End and I responded that enjoy is an interesting word for it… I wouldn’t classify the book as not funny, maybe just not a ha ha funny but a ya I’ve gone through that not so pleasant period and I know why that’s funny type of humour. For Graphic Designers there’s the Cheese Monkey’s for re-living the art school days while Then We Came To The End is for those working bureaucratic creative world. As with everything else, the book has a decent website that allows you to go through the office and check out the characters myspace pages (which is nothing new), though there could have been more visuals and less reliance on being clever on myspace. I wouldn’t rate the book as highly as amazon has, but for four hours of listening through audible it wasn’t wasted time.

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  • beth

    I agree, the book was funny but definitely not laugh out loud funny. I didn’t much care for the author’s writing style, but that’s all a matter of personal taste.