clover at Café Grumpy


Today is day two of my coffee experience at Café Grumpy. My first cup on Thursday blew me away. Unfortunately for the last three days I wasn’t able to get back. When I got my cup today I had to ask – why is this coffee so good? The obvious points would be that they measure out each cup with beans that they then grind, but a big part of the taste is the machine they use. That machine is a clover. From their website this is how they describe it – “The machine employs what we call Vacuum-Press™ technology, which – for the first time – combines two methods considered best for brewing coffee: the “French press” and the vacuum brewer.” On the clover site it only shows two locations in NYC for the machine, and one of them is Café Grumpy. So if you’re in Chelsea (224 West 20th Street, between 7th & 8th Avenues) and love coffee – give the clover a test drive.

Also, Café Grumpy has a blog that is worth a visit in itself if you can’t walk on over. And a flickr site too.

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