Commodity Fetishism: Leica


I think there’s very few products or brands that could be written with the virtuosity that Leica got from the New Yorker titled Candid Camera – The cult of Leica. I can attest to a lot of the blind passion for Leica as I’m looking to get one pretty soon. Probably not the M8 (though it’s very tempting), but a Leica D-LUX-3 in the not so distant future. The overall article is quite enjoyable to read if you’re a photo enthusiast. Everything I shoot is digital these days, but I was maybe a little surprised to hear that not everyone that is doing it for a living is pure digital. My wife and I were recently having dinner with a former co-worker and her husband who’s an amazing photographer. When I asked him what he shoots, most of it is on film still – if you check out his portfolio at you’ll see what digital is really hard at capturing. I don’t think I’ll be reverting back anytime soon myself, but to see what is still capable with film would suggest that the art isn’t going to die off so soon.

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  • Callie

    Eisenstaedt used a Leica.

  • litherland

    My next camera will be a Leica M_.

  • uta

    Oh I wanna get one too. Leica is my dream camera.

  • Mark

    Pfft. 😉

    They ARE iconically engineered, I’ll grant.

    But if I had my druthers, I’ld take a Hasselblad first…