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Black Toothpaste | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

Black Toothpaste

Charcle Toothpaste

Charcle Toothpaste

At a recent Likeminds a friend came by to say hello and gave me a cool looking box. Not really knowing what it was, I held it in my hands admiring the type in both English and what I’m going to assume was Korean (not sure) – she then exclaimed it was black toothpaste. Black toothpaste? Interesting idea though I’m not sure how it would take to my mouth. This morning I tried it for the first time, the experience ended up being less pleasant then I first thought it would be. I was fine seeing the black stuff on my brush, it wasn’t until it went into my mouth when my stomach started to turn. Near the end I barely could brush my tongue and when I spit it out to rinse I felt a bit queezy. In the end though my mouth did feel clean, but I’m not sure if the weirdness that I felt would be something I’d want to do again. Sure my review is a bit negative but I’m happy to have gone through the experience – thanks Kathy.

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  • David Airey

    That reminds me of the genetically modified fruit from a few years back (the square oranges and bananas to save on shipping costs).

    Not for me, but novel nonetheless.

  • michael

    I hadn’t considered that David, but good observation – you might want to check this article by Ping Mag: Funny Shaped Japanese Watermelons

  • Magazine Online

    Pingmag had an article about all things black. Including black toilet paper.

  • Myszka

    Ha! Only the best for my friends! It’s black because it’s made with charcoal, which has various cleaning properties. Hey, you could try it on your tub.

    I had wanted to find this Korean toothpaste after reading about it in National Geographic. (I happened to be going to Seoul the following month.) It was hard to find, and now we know why.

    Mm, charcle!

  • sheena

    Lush has had black toothpaste (at least in Canada) for a while. I think it is eggplant flavoured.

  • sir jorge

    Innovative…that’s for sure.

  • Liz Danzico

    Even though I’ve been known to steal all the black jellybeans and have a thing for black licorice, I’m not sure I would have been so brave. Good for you for trying it at least!

  • G. H.i.s.c.o.t.t

    I work in the water treatment industry. We use anthracite coal in several layers of the filter beds. The finish water flows through the filters!

  • Benji J K

    Coal has many cleaning properties. It is also very helpful in removing poisonous toxins, hence used in cleaning water in the various water filters that are available, and like G. Hiscott mentioned, in water treatment plants. Coal was also eaten and is still eaten by people to remove poisonous toxins in the body. One of its most effective uses was against mercury poisoning.

    Though it may not taste great, it may be the best toothpaste. Unfortunately everyone has been spoilt on flavoured and artificial toothpastes that contain flouride and other chemicals which are infact bad for teeth and the body. You can read all about it on medicine or alternative medicine forums.

  • kati


  • George Burjanadze

    please write the manufacturer and web, if you hold the box, because I couldn’t find any info….:(

  • AFreeMan

    You missed the whole point, Michael. This new toothpaste easily and painlessly fills holes and cracks on your teeth! Plus, it can regenerate the tooth enamel without the need of a dentist.


  • Brian Meier

    It is NOT TOOTHPASTE it can burn your gums..pls read…


  • Wilson Grett

    I tried and it was ok. Hole filling and other stuff takes time may be, but definitely whiten teeth.

    Bought from