Back in the day when black & white just wasn’t a conversion

Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair

Sure, it would seem that digital pictures are an easy and fast way of creating images. But when you shoot a couple hundred photos and do some slight tweaks to the ones you like the time adds up. But I was reminded of how tedious the process of developing black and white photography can be with the step by step guide at Fecal Face. How To Process B+W Film goes through a photographic guide of what it takes to do it. Yes I did the same thing in high school and design school, but you tend to forget what is out of sight is out of mind. Now I’m just happy to use a psd action like this to do the same thing digitally : )

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  • Mark

    I’ve actually been thinking about resurrecting my T70 (canon) film system lately… the only problem is that I’ve lent it out to someone about 100 miles away. Therefore, it’s a weekend motivation. 🙂

    Still and all, ain’t nothing like the smell of the darkroom. The major things holding me back is a) lack of time, and b) lack of scanner…

    I still have a binder full of negatives in the closet though.