Digital Bits go 3D

Digital Bits

When Cold Play came out with their X & Y Album art, I could understand that there was a method to the bits. All I had to do was go to a site and create my own X & Y Album Art Generator. There was a system for the colours and bits. What I’m not too sure about with AT&T is that they’ve made a 3D version of this Coldplay generator or is it something new entirely?

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  • Alistair Hall

    Had a quick gander at the AT&T site – they get you to create a personalised pictogram of yourself using your answers to a set of questions that all relate to your use of technology (“How important is texting as a part of your life?”). The answers determine the size of each block of colour.

    They say they’re ‘building a community’, but it seems more like market research to me. And looks like Tetris.