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Going Up, originally uploaded by Delay Tactics.

Accessibility for blind people:
Direct Quote: Write meaningful links. Making links understandable out of context helps users who might not have read the whole sentence, or are scanning the page for links. So instead of an ambiguous “To see my birthday photos, click here”, try “Have a look at my birthday photos”. You can also add a “title” attribute to the link to provide more information when the user hovers over (or focuses on) it.
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alec soth – blog:
Direct Quote: I don’t come close to shooting every day. For better or worse, I don’t carry a camera with me everywhere I go. I liken my process to that of filmmaking. First I conceive of the idea. Then I do pre-production and fundraising. Then shooting. Then editing. Then distribution (books and galleries). As with most filmmakers, the shooting takes just a fraction of my time.
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Antonelli at Stanford Review:
Direct quote: She made a provocative statement “design needs good narrators” – even though there were some questions about it, it seemed like a comment that was open to a variety of interpretations.

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