I’m Michael Surtees and I’d like to say hi

Me on my last day at Renegade

This is one of those blog posts you don’t really imagine writing, but the circumstances are such that I need to explore every angle that I have at the moment. In short, a number of people where I used to work at Renegade were let go yesterday, including myself. If you’ve spent anytime here at DesignNotes, you know that I have a passion for design and advertising and love the exploration of all things that involve miscellaneous communication.

While it’s an uneasy feeling at the moment, I’m excited about being able to see what else is out there. I haven’t had my portfolio online since I moved to Renegade, though considering I’m looking for full time I’ve placed a downloadable portfolio pdf at www.designnotes.info/surtees_portfolio.pdf and a page on my blog at HERE. Almost one hundred percent of what I’ve done in the last year at Renegade has been online, although I still love the smell of fresh ink at press checks, talking to photographers and illustrators, and hammering a freshly designed poster onto a wall. The two big projects that I spent a lot of time on was with the Redesign of Panasonic’s Consumer Electronics website, and Children for Children’s web site. For Panasonic.com, I was the design lead for Support and Search, while for Children for Children I was the primary designer. Obviously these sites weren’t designed in a vacuum, but I can easily say that I had a major part in their development and philosophy.

Where do I want to go from here? That’s a really open question – there’s so much room to explore online, whether with trying to combine people’s new experiences with web 2.0 apps, social communities or api’s that are being made available, and/or just being a competent designer making things understandable for people in their everyday lives – that’s what I want to continue to do. I’m extremely adaptable with what’s going on today and love talking about it here on my blog. The isp’s that come to DesignNotes are as varied as my posts. I’m averaging about 9,000 page views a month at the moment – I don’t know most of the people that come here, but I’d like to. Drop me an email at michael[at]michaelsurtees.com. I’d be interested in saying hi, talking about the future of design that is today, and if you hear of any openings for an art director you’ll get a lot of extra karma points.

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  • http://www.markturuk.com Mark

    I expect that this will be one of the shortest vacations of your life.


  • http://www.cranktank.com/ Kevin

    I’ve been reading your blog first thing every morning when I get into my office for months now.

    While it sucks to loose your job, I’m sure you’ll be finding new employment soon.

  • http://www.swiss-miss.com swissmiss

    Yes, I agree with Mark. You are a great thinker and designer, Michael. People like you are in high demand. In fact, I wish I could hire you. 🙂 I am spreading the word in the community. Can’t wait to see what interesting new position you’re going to land.

  • http://www.nineteenthirtyfour.org Callie

    Are you looking to stay in New York, Michael? Because I could definitely hook you up with people in Seattle….

  • http://serialconsign.com Greg J. Smith

    Good luck with the hunt Michael. I’m sure you’ll find something great. 🙂

  • http://sonalisridhar.com/ Sonali

    This is a good post. will pass it on asap! trust me not having you sit across me and bug you about the world of blogs is a huge bummer! Infact its a huge bummer that i am sitting alone with your water spray and justins plant!


  • http://eloquation.com Sameer Vasta

    Hey Michael, you already know that I’m a huge fan, so I don’t need to go and say it again. Actually, maybe I do: there are few people that get me engaged and interested in design the way you do on your blog, and your work has consistently been amazing.

    I know for a fact that this period of unemployment will be a short one for you, because talents like yours are hard to find and need to be captured whenever they are available. If there is anything a guy like me can do (I don’t have many contacts, but I’ll see what I can do with my limited rolodex), please do let me know. And please do continue to keep our minds stimulated with your fantastic posts on this blog!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/nybetty Andrew

    Your book looks great, Michael. No doubt you’re going to find opportunity – unless it finds you first!

  • http://jasonenglish1.com Jason E.

    Great post! I worked with Michael at Renegade, and I’ve used him as a freelance photographer. He is the Randy Moss of this year’s design league free agent class.

  • litherland

    there are few people that get me engaged and interested in design the way you do

    talents like yours are hard to find and need to be captured whenever they are available

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • Myszka

    I will keep my eyes and ears open for you, but I’m sure it won’t be long before you land somewhere amazing.

  • Christopher Matthews

    While it’s only a matter of time before you land another sweet NYC gig, let me be the first to say that London would be more than happy to have you, too!

  • Rich

    Hey Michael, sorry to hear they let you go, I’m glad you’ve turned it into a positive situation. I’m sure people will be banging on your door to get you on board.

    Good luck with the future..!


  • Satish Krishnamurthy

    Hey Michael, just came across this post today. Oh, well, events like this always turn out better. You’re going to rock it, for sure!

    I’ll see you at likemind this Friday.