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I came across another great podcast from the CBC. This one is called Search Engine and you should check out the blog at Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not about straight up technology but more about contemporary culture and news that is being influenced by the internet. I started with the latest episode and worked my way back, at twenty eight minutes a broadcast you’ll be caught up in no time. Their description is that Search Engine is a collaborative public radio show, which means among other things that every story that they bring to you is first posted to the blog at, we invite you to come have a read and maybe share your thoughts. By getting a vigorous conversation started before we go to broadcast we’re able to learn more about our stories upfront and that helps us make better radio, of course we welcome your comments after we’ve gone on air and from time to time read feedback on the show. I really like this strategy of throwing something up information wise, get some angles you might not otherwise have had from others, help that shape the show, and then close the loop with more conversation afterwards. It really makes the story last a lot longer then it otherwise would have had.

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  • Sameer Vasta

    Thanks for the heads up: I was definitely not in need of yet another podcast to subscribe to, but this one sounds fantastic.