Today is Blog Action Day

Heading Towards the Mothership

Today is Blog Action Day, from their site the description goes as this. “On October 15th – Blog Action Day, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind. In its inaugural year, Blog Action Day will be co-ordinating bloggers to tackle the issue of the environment.”

I thought it might be interesting to compare living in Canada vs the US in terms of how easy/hard it is being Green™. When I moved to NYC, one of the biggest changes that could be considered green (though in terms of practacality rates very high too) was getting rid of the car. Honestly I can’t imagine driving a car in Manhattan. That doesn’t mean I don’t take a taxi from time to time, but after considering all the money that goes towards gas, oil and waste to keep a car on the uptake, it makes you wonder if there isn’t a more efficient way. I haven’t lived in that many Canadian cites, nor US, but if you don’t have a good and safe public transportation system it will be impossible for someone to not live with a vehicle. Since I live in NYC and don’t own a car, I give one point to the US. Along that same line I used to walk to work every day in NYC, so another point for that. Recycling is an interesting concept in NYC, it doesn’t really exist even close to what I was used to in Canada. It was so easy to recycle paper, glass or bottles that to celebrate it as a Green concept seems kind of silly. Part of the issue in Manhattan is that it’s an island. Is it easier to just have everything placed in a dump truck as opposed to a separate vehicle for each of the mentioned objects? So one point to Canada on recycling. I used to live in a house, now I supposedely live in a Green building. I’m not entirely sure about what that means aside from energy efficient lights and windows, but something is better then nothing eh? Another point for the US. Houses take a lot of upkeep, while it seems like there’s less waste when you have a group of people living in the same spot. Awareness is another interesting question. I don’t know if this goes back to Canadians taking for granted the recycling is just a good idea, but I think there’s more people down here being aware and trying to do something then ever before. So I’ll give a point to both countries. I suppose I could go on and on, but my Green comparison exercise is highly biased. If anything, I don’t think there’s a big of a difference between the two countries as some would think.

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  • Mark

    Y’all have Al Gore down there.

    Canada +2.

    😉 just kidding!! 🙂

    … well, we’ll take Al off your hands as long as you take David Suzuki, Layton and Atwood off of ours.

    Fair trade, yes?