My New Favourite Site

My new fav. site

News and news stories on the net are like the never ending story. Those websites are constantly updating information on a minute per minute basis. I remember not that long ago when the New York Times, Time, CNN and even the CBC redesigned their sites. With each of those advances I thought that things were going pretty well. With the redesign of Newsweek I think people’s viewing choices got a lot more advanced. There’s so many smart things going on that it’s hard to pin point any one element. This is one of the first magazine sites aside from New York Magazine that I would want to spend a lot of time with reading online. Now that the stories look interesting enough to make me want to read them, when will I have the time too? If there was one feature I would now love to have for the Newsweek site, it would be the capability to click on the story and have it read to me as I work on my laptop. It would be an interesting combination of reading and listening. For me to want to listen to the story, it would first have to look interesting enough for me to want to pay attention. Words along won’t do that, and neither would sound if I can’t get into wanting to read it with the design of it.

According to Mediaweek, the design people responsible were creative director Amid Capeci and magazine designer Roger Black consulting. The people behind the redesign were Newsweek’s Creative Director Rolf Ebeling and the Wonderfactory. I can only imagine how many people actually worked on this to bring it live…

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  • Deidre Depke

    Thanks for the solid review! We’ve been thinking about various audio solutions, it’s great to get your feedback. Just one point: the site was designed by our fantastic creative director, Rolf Ebeling, working with The Wonderfactory. Amid and Roger produced the terrific magazine redesign, which also debuted this week.
    Deidre Depke