Reading and Listening to Print is Dead

Print is Dead

In my last post mentioning Newsweek’s website, and more to the point about how there’s so much info in their site that I wished that I could hear everything by someone reading the info while I’m working on my laptop. An author has already done that in a smaller version about his new book Print is Dead, Jeff Gomez also runs the blog of the same name Print is Dead. At the website Jeff in his own words has given away about a third of the book to be read online and on top of that he’s read the intro that you can listen too. In upcoming days he’ll have more audio of the book.

I really like the cycle that he’s created. He’s got a blog, publishes a book, sets up a website for the book, mentions the book on his blog, has audio of the book on the book site and blog, and naturally all the sites link to each other. The only thing he might be missing is a hosting his images on flickr.

So the real question is will I buy the book? Probably, though thankfully it’s not out just yet b/c I have a lot of books (both print and audio) on the go at the moment. Between now and when it’s published I might forget about the book, so hopefully every once in a while I’ll go back to the Print is Dead blog and be reminded of the book that I blogged about.

Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger

On a side note, I’m halfway through a book Swissmiss recommended to me over coffee last week called Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger. I can not tell you how much I’m enjoying the disorder to the classification system that the web is doing today. If you’re reading it, or looking for a book to read – this might be it. But my question is this – would you be interested in discussing it? I’ve never done the book club thing before, but this one might be a good one to start with. If there’s any takers let me know.

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