iPhone review coming from my MBP


I was going to get one sooner or later, it was just a matter of time. There’s a lot of reviews already out there so I’ll try to keep mine short and sweet. While the iPhone is great it’s not perfect which is interesting to note. The most surprising aspect of the iPhone for me is that I use it to listen to music. I’ve been a huge fan of the iPod shuffle and really didn’t have much use for a screen. I didn’t mind managing my music from my MBP. But know that I have the screen, I’m using it all the time to listen too. But another part of that usage is from the fact that I’m surfing the net a lot from the iPhone. I’ll get more into that in a moment. The beef that I have with the music play is that there’s really no way to advance the track to the next one when you’re not using the screen. (from the instructions – Skip to the next song: Click twice quickly) You can turn the volume up from the side, but not the songs.

I really like the browser, but again it’s not perfect. I had high hopes of being able to blog from my iPhone. I can but it’s not easy. I also want to be able to embed my photos from flickr into a blog post. Something about that isn’t working yet and I’m not sure why. The easy get around would be to copy + paste text from flickr, but I can’t copy + paste at all. That kind of functionality is surprising that it’s not available. I’ve heard that this might be improved through an update, but there’s no time limit for it at this point. I also miss the fact that if I want to add a site to delicious that there’s no button on the toolbar to press for a save. I have to hope that the site has that capability built into each post. Facebook has a really good site that takes the iPhone’s interface into consideration. I suspect other sites will evolve their functionality depending on what type of computer/phone is being used to browse.

Funny how I’ve talked about a couple features though not about the fact that it’s actually a phone too. The sound quality isn’t too bad and works perfectly for me when I have the headphones on. It’s such great feature that there’s a mic on the earbuds. I also like the fact that my Address Book from my computer syncs with my iPhone. Now I just have to make sure my Address Book is clean and up to date with the phone information.

The map function works decently as does the YouTube feature, though I wonder why YouTube doesn’t work when surfing from the browser. The physical iPhone is almost too light for it’s own good so I bought an Incase Protective Cover. I really like it, but I hope some of the reviews of it stretching are isolated. I find that the added rubber makes the iPhone easier to hold. I haven’t really had the chance to explore any additional web apps yet, but so far so good for the iPhone. Once I get most of my contact data of my horrible Treo I’ll have quite the cell phone crushing party. I can not believe how bad my Treo 650 is in comparison to my iPhone.

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  • http://www.noun.ca oo

    I think the Youtube videos in the Youtube app are encoded in H.264 (quicktime), while the videos on Youtube in Safari are Flash, which isn’t supported in Safari on the iPhone.

  • http://jvollmer.org John

    I’m a fellow Shuffle user and one of my favorite things about it is the way I can operate it totally by feel, often by pushing on the outside of my pockets while on the bus or whatnot. Handy.

    iPhone-wise, I’ve heard there’s a way to pause and advance tracks by squeezing the little microphone bulge on the headphones.

  • http://designnotes.info/ michael

    thanks for the fyi, I suppose reading the instructions would help…

  • Mark Jackson

    It’s pretty nifty, but deffintly not very blind accessible.