Designing a typeface with the tools of production in mind



I found a really interesting post via Uppercase Journal about a student that designed a typeface with the tools of production in mind. The final letters were going to be created on a CNC machine. As the image above shows, the drill couldn’t make perfect corners. It’s a nice post describing the Intercut process at

Typewritter Illustrations

While floating around Uppercase Journal I saw this great idea. Illustration through typewriter. Read more about it at Typewriter Illustrations and some flickr pics HERE.

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  • Joey

    About time you 2D people got a taste of what it’s like to be a REAL designer 🙂

  • Greg J. Smith

    LOL at Joey.

    Thank you Michael. I needed that typewriter image in my life.. I am now complete.

  • Charlie Gower

    That’s pretty damn nice…

  • Ray

    I love manual typewriters. They are definitely ready for a comeback.
    Typewriter art is a nice analog version of ascii art, which I also love:

  • caren litherland

    Cf. e.g., Bell Centennial with its built-in ink traps.