Leica & iPhone Aspect Ratio’s

One of the unexpected benefits of getting a Leica D Lux 3 was the aspect ratio feature. One the lens I can go with a 4:3, 3:2 or the long and sleek 16:9 to crop. Before that I would crop with reckless abandonment. Now I try to rarely crop unless I absolutely have to with my little Leica. Then I got an iPhone and was impressed with the decent quality of image. It might be a while before you see an iPhone taken image for a cover of a magazine, but it does lend itself to it’s own unique aesthetic. Since I had aspect ratio’s on my mind I thought it might be interesting to see the iPhone ratio in comparison to the Leica ratio’s. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed to see that the iPhone uses a 4:3 ratio. I was hoping to find that they had created their own unique ratio. It would have been subtle, but if they had chosen something slightly different they could have created their own branded framed image.

My original four images can be seen at flickr.

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  • http://oakieoakie.blogspot.com oakie

    my most favorite is Leica 3:2. Nice pics 🙂

  • http://design-feed.net felix

    My Nikon D70 takes 3:2 images also. I gives a nice widescreen feeling.

  • litherland

    I was a little disappointed to see that the iPhone uses a 4:3 ratio

    Not really surprising, though, is it, since 4:3 is standard for video.

  • http://www.deckchair.co.uk Toni farrington

    I used to have a leica R7 which was gorgeous but when I went digital I switched to Nikon (purely a cost decision).
    The iphone looks amazing and I was really tempted by it until I realized it only has a 2 mega pixel camera and no way to record video. 🙁

  • http://www.spintechnologies.ca/flashblog Randy Troppmann

    My eyes are 4:3 naturally, anything else is either resampled, stretched or I get those back bars.

  • debbie millman

    hi michael–
    i recently purchased a leica and also use my iPhone for photographing…wondering if you could give me a few lessons, as you seem to be so adept with both!!!!

    thanks for the cool tutorial.