Virgin America Safety Video worth watching

What’s the most unmemorable part of a flight aside from making sure that your flight has not been canceled? It’s the government regulated safety procedures talked about inside the airplane. You’ve probably tried to ignore the talks about how to put on a seat belt, finding your exit, not smoking in the rest room, finding a life jacket near your seat and the possibility of getting more oxygen from masks, etc zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Yes it is a ridiculous bore. However Chet Chat with Chet passed me on a video that suggests that maybe that boring info can be made interesting. Chet’s from Anomaly who in part created the actual video designed for an airplane that you might want to watch in your free time. While I’m not a huge fan on the illustration style from Wild Brain in San Francisco, the storyline works unpredictably well. I can appreciate knowing that people that have actually seen it in it’s natural environment cheered. I doubt any other airline would try to think in a new way.

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