Comparing the New York Times Building Top with Other Building Tops in the Area

Comparing the New York Times Building top with other building tops in the area

One of the first buildings I see when I wake up and the last one before I go to sleep, the new New York Times Building is in my view from my apartment. What’s ironic is that up until recently I still thought the top of the building was still under construction. I just thought that there was scaffold left to be taken down. I’m not sure if that view is entirely seen from street level, but from high up it looks kind of weird during the day. Not so much at night. I’ve walked by the New York Times Building and close up it looks pretty cool. But from a distance it’s not the landmark shape you would have expected.

In the context of comparing tops of building in the surrounding area, the New York Times Building isn’t so out of place. There’s other tops that are equally looking like they’re unfinished. To take the examination one step further I then compared them at different periods during the day. You can be the judge of which top looks the best during each period of the day.

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