Button Typography

ABC Button: Der Button

It’s not something that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, but after looking at ABC Button I didn’t realize that in a systematic way you could create any letter with a 3 x 3 base unit grid. There may be other buttons out there that have nine holes in them, though I haven’t seen them before. It’s a really cool idea. Having all those holes in the button allows you to create some great words. If you happen to visit the ABC Button: Der Button you’ll not only be able to see some images of the buttons in action, but you’ll also be able to download the typeface that was influenced by the buttons for free.

via Uppercase Journal

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  • http://www.mattus.web-log.nl mattus

    What a great idea. So far buttons have evolved in shape, material, decoration etc, but no one came up with the idea of adding a communicative dimension to it.

  • http://www.textasplayground.net jrgd

    it would be nice to explore also the hidden face of it and how it correlates to the exposed shape of letters… mmmmm…

  • edwin

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