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I was going through some network contacts of mine from delicious when I came across a familiar flickr contact that had collected a number of sites and created a flickr set. What got my attention from jibbajabba’s Inspiration set was looking at some of the screen captures at full size. The screen captures were stitched together to give an overview of the site. It partly reminded me of how magazines will often place the entire magazine on the wall to check the flow before it goes to the printer. It also reminded me of Frost’s web site that has a fairly interesting navigation that scrolls through exploration. The thing that surprised me about the stitched screen captures was how easy and intuitive it was to just scroll around the pages. I’m not sure I would have said the same thing a couple years ago. I’m so used to scrolling through pages from my iPone that I wonder if that increased my tolerance for the scroll of the page…

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    tiny comment about Forst’s site… do their up and down arrows have the wrong behavior? (if you click right, the content moves to the left, if you click left the content moves to the right. If you click up, the content moves up…) perhaps if they read this, they’ll fix it.