Notes from the Seed Conference

I’m not sure how I’ve never come across the notes from Mike Rhode’s moleskin until today from the Seed conference, but just in case you haven’t either – HERE they are. They’re visual but even better they’re to the point. Mike also wrote down his notes in a blog post where he explains a bit of his process. “I didn’t try to capture everything said during yesterday’s event, since others were probably doing that. Instead, I took time to listen and analyze the talks, distilling and capturing the main ideas I was hearing. By doing a bit of on-the-fly processing, it forced me to boil down what was being said, then express it in ink on the page in a way that would be meaningful to me and to others who might read my sketchnotes later.”

All the pages resonated with me – but from a standpoint of pushing yourself to the next level, Jim Coudal’s stuff seemed to speak to me most. “Be curious & Choose people on their taste & Don’t be afraid to fail”. It’s hard to argue against that, whether your a designer, photographer or even a chef I think…

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  • Mike Rohde

    Michael, thanks for the kind words and the mention of my sketchnotes from the SEED conference! They were really fun to do on the fly and I hope to have more chances this year to do sketchnotes for other events.