DesignNotes Part Deux: Mobile Blogging from my iPhone

DesignNotes Part Deux

I’ve been trying a difficult dance between sending images from my iPhone to flickr that would then find their way on to DesignNotes as a post. For whatever reason flickr and wordpress are not talking to each other from my site when I press flickr’s blog button. But now looking back at it, wordpress is probably not the best platform for when I want to do a quick mobile post. That’s where Tumblr comes into play. It’s another tool to post info on to the web. For almost a week I’ve been experimenting with sending images and a quick message from my iPone to a brother site of DesignNotes – called DesignNotes Part Deux. I like it a lot. It’s simple, the back end is as editable as my tech skills allow it to be and it gives me a different voice from some of the other platforms that I use.

To the point of different platforms I drew a map of all the different ways I’m connecting information. I’ll be going more in depth about what that all means to me, but the quick synopsis is that each of those platform points gives me a slightly different voice as pieces but helps me explore a lot of venues for communication (which is a big part of design). In the short term DesignNotes and DesignNotes Part Deux will be seperate. In the not so distant future I will be sending a feed to each other that will create an interesting feedback loop of information. I also plan to post to each while not at the expense of the other.

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