Art Walk

Street Art One


Now that I’m walking to work again when weather permits (about 35 minutes to do), there’s so many things to notice. The final part of the walk is through SoHo where I will be more often than not talking about some of the things that are catching my attention for the foreseeable future. I’ve talked briefly about Street Art that’s typically on walls outside but I haven’t really mentioned anything about the actual street. Within a block of each other I noticed the two three street/sidewalk images above. I’ve also noticed some images of stickman though I never have my camera with me to actual take a pic of it yet. I like the contrast between the two three images, one highly polished while the other is quite rough with the stencil and the stickman taking a beating on the road. Two are going to last a long time while the other is not which lends nicely to the contrasts.

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  • Doug Levere

    Just a reminder that the “highly polished” one is a NYC Subway map. See more info a the link below.

    In Soho there is a long history of art on buildings, art on sidewalks, on street signs, etc. I remember when there was some artist who had attached small figures to many Soho buildins that became quite famous. For years the figures slowly disappeared from the area.

    Thanks I enjoy your blog.