Talking Visual Identity Design in Class

Creating the Centenary Logo

I was happy to watch a quick two minute video from the University of Alberta’s Visual Communication Design program (where I went to school too many years ago to get my Bachelor of Design) that talked briefly from the students perspective about working on an identity for the University’s centennial. While I don’t think the music was really needed, hearing and watching the designers talk about why they did what they did was valuable. The designers in the video get to see what their client’s are seeing and allows them to tweak things in their presentation for future presentations. The other valuable thing about this video is that it creates a tangible Design 590 project. The video works a lot better then relying on an image inside a catalogue to relay to prospective students about what the program is about. It’s definitely a sign of the times when a short video can get across what a photo could only explain with a lot corresponding text. The only thing that I think the web site page should have is a number of jpgs that show off all the boards that were presented – it would be a great way to show off the work.

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