Maddie on my face as I try to blog

Maddie on my face as I try to blog

I wasn’t planning to post this image of Maddie trying to get my attention as I typed away on my previous post, but if it made my friend Tina laugh – maybe you’ll find it kind of funny too. As a side note it is interesting that a lot of design people have weims and viszla’s. Is it b/c they’re perfect?

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  • debbie millman

    yes, they definitely are perfect. in fact, all doggies are.
    : )

  • Kate Andrews

    hehe, made me laugh – my cats are consistently climbing all over me as im typing/designing! K

  • Elit Alice

    oh yes thats what mine does as well! or crawls up BEHIND me pushing me off the chair! very clever! 😛

    by the way, mine is a weim and dalmation mix. 😀

  • bkawalec

    Perhaps it’s because of weim’s unusual colour?

    Btw, a lot of painters have dachschunds (Andy Warhol, David Hockney). I wonder if paint because I have dachshunds or if it’s the other way round. All I can say for sure is that I paint a lot better since I’ve got two of them. 🙂

  • Myszka

    Ha! “Is it because they’re perfect?” I chuckled!

    Fun shot. I like it!

  • demosthenes

    rather handsome. randomly stumbled across your blog and thought i’d let you know. EOM.