Do you have an iPod shuffle… and live in New York?

Last week I was listening to an abbreviated (not too sure why they don’t post all three hours…) podcast of Definitely Not the Opera from the CBC where the theme of the show titled Attack of the ‘Pod, people! (1/13/08) which of course was all about iPods and their significance in people’s daily lives. One of the more interesting ideas came from an interview with one of the tech editors of Newsweek. He had traded iPods with someone over the course of a couple days – the intention was to learn a bit through a persons musical taste. That got me to thinking that it would be interesting to do something similar.

Previous to using my iPhone for music I used to use an iPod shuffle. Since I don’t really use my iPod shuffle anymore I thought it might be cool to trade iPod Shuffles for a couple weeks with someone. If you’re in the same situation where you don’t really use your iPod shuffle anymore and think it might be cool to trade you should let me know. Ideally you live or work in NYC so the trade/hand off is easier (though if this experiment works I’d be willing to use mail). If there were to be any rules I’d keep it pretty simple – the song selection has to be on random so you can’t just cherry pick the coolest songs, and you have to be able to email a playlist of all the songs and artists at some point. If this is something you want to try with me – let me know.

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  • RatherBeBiking

    If I didn’t use mine everyday I’d trade out…

  • tina

    i’d love to. sounds like a fun experiment!

  • swissmiss

    excellent idea michael. i wish i had a shuffle to trade.

  • michael

    thanks liam, tina & tina. if everything works out tina and i will be trading soon – it should be fascinating…

  • Christina Peressini

    Yeah, I wish I had one to trade as well. But if you are inclined to send me your shuffle, I’ll put my “top listened to” songs on there — as says iTunes — and gladly fire it back to you!

  • Jack Cheng

    the iPod shuffle shuffle?

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