Copywronged Google Map

Copywronged Google Map

The poster that keeps on giving - blog post tomorrow

A couple posters

I thought I could hit a couple things with this post about a new Google Map that I created. For a week or so I’ve been starting to take images of stickers that catch my eye around NYC from my iPhone and posting it to Now you can actually see the real location of each sticker HERE. I noticed once I started posting those images on the map and seeing the context it really humanized the map. I’m really looking forward to see how the dots develop over time. I’ve also inserted the map at the bottom of this post so you don’t have to leave this post if you don’t want to.

The other thing that I wanted to mention is how many lives the above ad/poster has had as I’ve walked by it in the last couple of months. The first rip below the chest opened up some crazy eyes from Tyra Banks. Then recently the original face opened up to show another strange image. It’s definitely a living thing – my only question is who is knowing when to revel the underbellies of this thing?

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  • Joe

    Wow.. wonderful idea. An entirely new underground form of NY tourism has arrived. Pretty soon you can print these maps and sell them street-side for $19 a pop!

  • poirpom

    Just love your idea. I’ve been following your tumblr almost since the beginning.
    The map is quite interesting. Would be even more with stickers and billboards all over the world…

    Keep going.