MUJI Packaging

MUJI Packaging

I haven’t jumped on the MUJI bandwagon w/ full force yet. I think in part b/c the space is so cramped inside their store location in SoHo that it’s tough to enjoy anything. Maybe when there’s less people to dodge its easier to browse. The one thing that I am pretty excited about w/ MUJI is something that they don’t even sell (I think). It’s their packaging for glass stuff. It’s a fairly simple pattern cut out of paper – but the tactile quality is such that is has a great amount of spring to it. No need for bubble wrap. There’s a lot of give and take with the paper that it turns it into another material altogether. I hope to find more discoveries like that the next time I’m there.

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  • Robert L. Peters

    Hey Michael…

    If you like that packaging, you’d probably really enjoy a new book by Kenya Hara (the design talent behind MUJI): ‘Designing Design.’

    I’ve posted some comments and a link here:


  • Tim

    Looks like the same paper used to wrap products ordered from CB2.

  • michael

    Tim – that would be fitting as MUJI is right beside CB2 in SoHo…