Space of Actions

densitydesign — Communication Design & Complexity

I came across yet another site via flickr, this time it’s from Density Design which is part of a Master Degree Course in Communication Design at the Politecnico di Milano. The blog resource site can be found at Not surprisingly some of the posts are in Italian though that shouldn’t stop you from checking it out. In the about section there’s an interesting breakdown on their description of what “Space of Actions” and what DensityDesign project is. “…approach suggests that in design practice information and data should be gathered from different places, practices and disciplines. The aim of designers is not only to collect high number of data, but to synthesize and organize them in a goal-oriented way in order to be able to develop effective design interventions.” And their blog itself described: “In this framework we identify, diagrams – maps, moodboard, storyboard, video scenarios – as such kind of tools: strategic artefacts helping the decision makers to built a vision about: (I) the elements of the systems, (II) the connections and the relationships among elements, (IV) the behaviour of the system, (V) the future evolutions of the systems.”

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