two-thousand-and-ate calendar

Live Jan. Poster

Ever since getting an email from Jennifer Daniel asking for my address I’ve been excited to check my mail box. She wanted to send me a copy of the It came last night. I had been to the site though what I opened I wasn’t expecting. The scale is quite impressive – I’m not sure what size I was expecting but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t poster size. I think they’re 24” x 36” 18” x 24” though I don’t have a ruler to check the exact measurements. I’ve taken a pic of each of the posters on flickr – I highly recommend checking out the photos in detail, the months are quite nice. My fav. is a toss up between the maze of June and my birthday month of September. If you like what you see you should buy a set for yourself on their site.

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    great work, the december looks funny! ;o)