3 Sites That Had Me Thinking

Street fashion photos from street style blogsStreet fashion photos from street style blogs

There were a couple new sites this week that piqued my interest that I hadn’t seen before. How I actually came across the three also speaks to the miscellaneous ways I’m finding information. One site was passed on to me directly through delicious, one site came up at a discussion group that I participated in and the third came from a subscribed mail list. I didn’t get any of this stuff from mainstream media outlets or magazines which is kind of interesting in itself. While the three sites all serve different tasks they all kind of make scanning a lot of information quite quickly. If you’ve read the book Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger you’ll know what I mean – if you haven’t read the book be sure to check it out.

Street fashion photos from street style blogs is exactly what the title claims to be. It’s feeding a number of fashion blogs and the images are collected by tags and cities. You can go visit New York to Vancouver to Oslo extremely fast. Once you click on a photo is sends you to the original blog post from their site. www.feedshion.com

Instapaper for some reason doesn’t work on my mac firefox browser – so keep that in mind when I talk about this site, if you’re on a pc it probably does work. The simple idea is that while you’re jumping around from one to site to the next you might not have time to read the entire post. Instapaper has a button that you are supposed to be able to drag and drop on to your toolbar. Once you see something you want to save you click on the button that saves it to your own Instapaper page. Once you visit that page you have a couple options, you can read the story, skip the story or delete the story. The log in is incredible simple too – you’ll see what I mean when you try for yourself. www.instapaper.com

Photos in 10001 | EveryBlock NYC
Photos in 10001 | EveryBlock NYCPhotos in 10001 | EveryBlock NYC
EveryBlock pulls public data to a new level. Depending on where you live there’s a lot of information that can be turned into some interesting facts. On top of that there’s a layer that maps things geographically. There’s a number of interesting categories that you may not think that has public data though apparently they do – like graffiti cleaned, building violations issued, restaurant inspections and fun things like Missed connections from craig’s list and photos being feed from flickr. There’s a bunch more though the restaurant inspections interested me the most. nyc.everyblock.com/locations/zip-codes/10001/

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  • http://serialconsign.com Greg J. Smith

    Some great finds Michael!

    It is worth noting that Everyblock was developed by Adrian Holovaty of chicagocrime.org fame (it was one of the original influential google maps mashups). The termination of that project was just announced yesterday. I’ve always been a big fan of these geo-demographic visualization tools – it is incredible to be able to cut through the city as a big ol’ aggregation of data.

  • Stewart

    Instead of instpaper I use “save to phone”


    works really well but more for iPhone esp with goggle maps and links to pages.

  • Sonali

    Thats interesting that everyblock has been terminated? do you know why? its a really good city wide social project!