Actually seeing those Obama posters outside

HOPEextra copies

Being Canadian and living in New York I get to watch all the primary politics in a somewhat neutral position. I can’t vote so I’ll be watching from the sidelines. The Obama HOPE poster that Shepherd Farey designed and was selling as a limited edition has been making the rounds a lot. I’ve read about it a lot on blogs and seen it on people’s desktop background. The poster was for sale for a limited time – but it sold out pretty quickly – my skeptical side is thinking it was sold out before it was even released but I’ll try to think that wasn’t the case. (after writing this post the site mentioned that people are getting refunds as they’ve run out of the poster) Anyways one of my flickr contacts took a picture of the poster in its natural environment. I made a comment about how it was being sold as a limited edition. Was there someone that actually bought the poster now placing it outside? Someone mentioned to me that the one being sold online was on archival paper. There’s another version of the poster on less expensive stock to be used outside. I’m really happy to hear that’s the case, but it also triggers something else. Great posters never last – why, b/c people steal them. For this campaign that’s a great sign that people are that enthused, but it also could be harmful. You don’t want people getting fined for wanting a poster. If this poster actually does make it to the streets I would highly recommend making duplicate copies that can be taken. I’ve only seen the method of duplication once with the second photo as an example of how it could be done that I took a couple months back. If the poster after being printed becomes a tear away that would be really helpful distributing the message.

Me talking Politics Since this is my blog and I can write about what’s on my mind here’s some insight into what issues in politics get me going… My political issue is immigration – though it has as much to do with the Canadian government as with the US. As a graphic designer from Canada that can work in the US it is ridiculous how hard it is to do for the long term. The US economy is not doing so well – why make it difficult for people that can actually improve it? My Canadian rant to all political parties is to quite bickering about easy things that don’t really help anyone and to start making policies that aren’t just about profiting from raw materials. It’s embarrassing, short sighted and doesn’t help people that want to get things done. Ok, that’s my only political rant from inside a design blog…

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  • Laura

    My design professor mentioned this poster today. He said it reminded him very much of the Che image.

    Do you (all) see that too? I’m curious.


  • michael

    I would agree with your professor Laura. There’s similarities between the eyes looking into the distance while the shapes are quite simplified. What do you think?