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motobus diagram 2

Since the new year I’ve started a couple personal projects to keep my eyes active. Now that I work in SoHo I walk to that area almost everyday from my apartment that’s in the garment/midtown area. I walk by a lot of cool looking stickers – it’s hard not to look at for the sake of interest. I started to collect these stickers by shooting them with my iPhone and sending them to my tumblr site called Copywronged at After a couple of days of that I thought it would be interesting to map out the locations of where these stickers were at. It’s an incredibly easy thing to do and gives me a chance to play as a mobile blogger. But with a lot of these online projects they have unexpected bursts of exploration/learning.

The above diagram illustrates one such case. I had taken the motobus sticker one morning after being stopped by this little character on the sidewalk. What the original photo didn’t show was that the sticker was framed by a hugs circular tube in metal. The contrast in scale was quite jarring. Along with sending my sticker photos to Copywronged I also store them on flickr so I can tag them. It wasn’t until a flickr contact had mentioned the name of the sticker in the comment area that I was able to tag it appropriately.

The blog look, party people! is run by the person behind the sticker motobus and uses the blog as place to keep track of the sticker in it’s various forms from different cities and the responses they elicit. One way this person finds the sticker taken by other people is through tags on flickr. That’s how the person found my photo of the sticker and ended up checking out Copywronged. They then went to DesignNotes in which has my contact information. So long story short the person contacted me about some photo information. It was a fairly simple communication’s loop though would never had happened if for not a couple of chance events that I mentioned above. The person also relies on word of mouth, little cards she’s made with the blog address, and chance encounters. What’s the lesson to be learned here? Take some pictures and tag’em and do something with it!

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  • Greg J. Smith

    Yay! More (patented) Michael Surtees blog workflow diagrams. 🙂

  • michael

    thanks greg, i won’t embarrass myself by explaining how long it took me to illustrate