Marian Bantjes love letters and real pics of the banners for Free Love in Times Square

Marian Bantjes Heart Typeface

Marian Bantjes Heart Typeface

Free Love in Times Square

I’m coming late the Love party as I don’t check my mail that often as I pretty much live in a digital world. I was happy to open one special envelope though last night from Marian Bantjes. It was a number of letters shaped as hearts which coincidentally spelled my name. It was a nice continuation of what she started last year. You can read more about the letters on her site. I also recognized it immediately as an extension of her banner for Free Love in Times Square. Seeing those banners blogged about quite a bit, I was kind of curious to see what they really looked vs the digital version. So I spent an hour or so this morning (Sunday) walking around Times Square shooting most of the banners. I know for sure that I missed one and possibly more, but I did my best trying to track them all down.

It was fun walking around Times Square trying to discover all the banners in their natural habitat as opposed to a screen version. It’s always interesting to see which ones work better outside. One of my favourites that I wasn’t expecting to work well outside was by Chip Wass. I was pleasantly surprised to see the white clouds, blue sky and birds popping in nice detail with all the craziness that is Times Square. The other banner that I thought was fitting for this day and age in typography was by Worldstudio. I’ve placed all the pictures of the banners in a flickr set at

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  • Kate Andrews

    Great images Michael! Wish I’d been in NYC to see it.

  • michael

    kate – i’m sure it will be up for a couple more weeks – all you would have to do is fly across the atlantic ( :

  • tracy

    where did you find that rodrigo corral one?

    we cant seem to be able to figure out the cross streets its on.

  • michael

    i can’t remember exactly tracy – but i think it was on one of the islands between 7 ave and broadway… maybe 44th street?