New York City Colour Study Before the Crop

View before 4:3 aspect ratio crop

022108 7:07 am

I was pleasantly surprised with the feedback that I received with my last post about 36 days of New York Sky here on DesignNotes, Flickr, email and other people who reblogged the image. It was great timing but purely coincidental as I didn’t think much about posting it. After 36 days I had a fairly interesting geometric square of sky inside my flickr set. I’ll probably revisit the image on day 72 to see how things have progressed. But with that said I thought it might be interesting to pull back the crop and show what the original image is and what the photo looks like afterwards. I typically try to get a focus on the building to the left and then center the camera between that building and the New York Times Building (which ironically doesn’t look finished from the top). From there I just capture the sky how it is.

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