2008 Publikum Calendar Discussion


I was one of the lucky ones that was able to grab a seat in the packed room at the AIGA’s National office for the the 2008 Publikum Calendar discussion that was moderated with Debbie Millman. The timing of the event was particularly interesting in that the previous day Kosovo declared independence and a small number of Serbian’s attacked the American embassy in Belgrade. While that was not the focus of the presentation of the calendar pages and discussion with a number of people involved including Chip Kidd, Luba Lukova, Matteo Bologna and Publikum Calendar founders Nada Ray & George Mill the topic was certainly talked about. And in a way it was an ideal place to talk about such events as the calendar is meant to be a starting point to show that the news that you see about Serbia is not always the case. Chip mentioned his concerns about what he saw in the NYT about the American embassy attack while Nada was willing to suggest that the people behind it were a small number and the politics surrounding it was more complicated then what appeared. The more surprising moment for me was at the end when there was no questions from the audience.

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