Unmarked Shoe

camper logo

amper logo

amper logo

As blurry as the above images are, they illustrate a simple idea really well. Camper is a fairly trendy shoe company that has a mark that is made with incredibly common shapes yet has managed to make it unique. Even as the mark is somewhat blurred you know what it is. Of course you need to know who Camper is in the first place but that’s another story. The reason why I mention this is that they have their logo on this shoe three times yet it doesn’t seem like overkill which is highly unusual when you start throwing logos all over the place. It also shows confidence in what they’re doing in that they don’t need any words to express what they are.

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  • kim

    Great post, and I agree. i am always impressed by their smart subtlety. Metropolis had a great story last year about their “global brand.”

  • http://designnotes.info/ michael

    you’re recking my rep kim – i always mention to people that i write stuff on designNotes that design magazines don’t cover… thanks for the fyi link

  • http://www.1934.cc Callie

    There’s also an article about Camper in ARCADE, a Seattle-based design + architecture periodical. I guess they have a restaurant in Spain now, too.