No permalink or url for that matter


To completely contradict my permalink post here’s a page from the New York Times on leap day. Sometimes not having a url works out.

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  • Steve Portigal

    On the other hand, they also had no explanatory text, as in, what commemoration, holiday, event, non-profit, movement, etc. was their rhetoric in support of. In a media-saturated society, I find it hard to parse a statement like that from a corporation in a newspaper, without knowing where – institutionally – they are coming from.

    Am I just too unhip to make the connection?

  • michael

    not too sure if i can judge whether you’re hip or not steve. while your skepticism is justified i personally don’t see it as a big deal. sure it’s hard to take anything at face value and not look for hidden motives but it’s also refreshing not to see something being advertised blatently with corporate explanatory text (that no one was probably going to read). at this point i don’t have any more information about what or who did this – but i have sent out an email to an acquaintance to see if she can give me any context for the illustration.

  • Steve Portigal

    I would deem myself unhip if your response was “Steve, everyone knows this is for Americans For Tap Water” or something. If you don’t know, then whew.

    But I stand by my skepticism 🙂