Looking for feedback on your online storytelling stuff?


One of the more interesting parts of DesignNotes for me is the conversation that happens outside of the regular posting and comments. Jody Sugrue passed me on a link to a site that she and two others started. Their rational in the about section explains it better then I could try to summarize… “MOVE30 www.move30.com was created out of a desire to democratize the multimedia landscape. It is a community upload website that showcases multimedia stories whether they are documentary, fiction, video, photography-driven, motion design or animation.”

I think one of the best features is that there’s a check box for feedback. I’ve had people ask me about websites that are peer driven for design that can help in reviewing work. I haven’t come across that many so I thought it was a great idea. So if you’re in the online storytelling business you might want to check it out. If you’re not you’ll still some pretty cool work.

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