Politcs, Design and Printing?


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As mentioned in a previous post or two that I’m watching the US Primaries from the sidelines (ok – so are independents, but…) b/c I’m from Canada I no less find the visual communications of both parties and candidates to be fascinating. Between posters, logos, typefaces and branding there’s a lot to look at. But there’s one thing that until now hasn’t been talked about. There’s the design of all the collateral but what’s the printing side of this? Anne Stewart has started a blog at the printing company that she works at. While the blog is quite new it still has some interesting insights into printing and politics though that isn’t the only thing that is covered. I asked Anne if she’s ever concerned about what to post since it’s part of a business. Her response was kind of refreshing. “One of the great things about the blog I write for Hotcards is that I have pretty much total freedom in terms of my content choices. They don’t want the blog to just shamelessly promote the business, they want it to be a place for people to come together and talk about print and design. So, I can’t be wildly obscene or anything, but they don’t mind stuff like political conspiracy theories or criticism of the oft-times monstrous nature of advertising.” Check it out for yourself at www.hotcards.com/blog/

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