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photo matrix

Last week I mentioned that Daylife had started to launch an updated site. Things are still moving quite quickly so I’m going to wait a while before I talk about some of the bigger design changes. But one small thing that I thought would be fun to mention was the Photo Matrix that can be found on the Photo Hub page. Daylife receives great photos from Getty, Reuters, the AP etc all the time. I wanted to show in a linear fashion how all these images coming in make a unique pattern. One way of doing that was to break each image down to it’s simplest color combination and stack those colors into bars like a matrix or dna strip. When you stack the image not only does it make a compact view for a lot of images it creates and interesting method for exploration. Down the road there’s a couple more things that I’d like to see happen with it. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could embed something like that on your own blog and show your last 30 posts images with the intention of clicking on a bar to get to that post? I could never say enough great things about Flickr (except for when it disables features after their servers crash) and yes it’s a great tool for searching. I thought it would also be interesting just to show some of the color influences as I progressed with the idea of the Photo Matrix. Here’s a couple pages that caught my eye as I was working through the concept: Memento + Swiss New Graphic Design + 3 – 2 – many.

As with anything that comes from Daylife I would be remiss not to mention that this wasn’t a sole project and that a lot of other people had a say in it’s form and development. With sites this big no one can do anything without a lot of help.

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  • Callie

    This is cool, Michael. I think Edward Tufte would approve!