University of Alberta Comes to Visit

University of Alberta design students hanging out at Daylife

On Wednesday of this week twenty to twenty five design students from the University of Alberta in both Visual Communication Design and Industrial Design came for studio visit where I work at Daylife. I was really happy to have Aidan Rowe who’s an Assistant Professor in Visual Communication Design / Interactive New Media at the U of A contact me a couple months ago to let me know that they’d like to visit as they would be here for the New York Design Experience at Parsons conference. As a past student from the U of A it was interesting for me to see what it’s like to be a student these days. I also just wanted to let them know how a designer from Canada can work in New York as there was almost no information about that when I decided I wanted to move. It would also a great opportunity for them to ask me questions too about working. A number of the students have taken it upon themselves to start a blog that I’d recommend checking out at After talking with for about half an hour we ended up at a pub on Spring St. where we got to chill for a while.

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