Quotes & Paper Joy


I was thinking that I could get a couple things across with this post that combines the idea of quotes and an interesting NYT article Start Writing the Eulogies for Print Encyclopedias that has implications for more then just print encyclopedias. Until joining Daylife I really didn’t pay a lot of attention to quotes as an element that could be separated from an article or news story. However as an entry point for reading the entire story it makes quite a bit of sense. It’s a sound byte that pulls you in quickly. While there will always be technical limitations to what can be pulled in through programs, I found it kind of fun to just create the above image without worrying about any of that. I could make the quote as a graphic – meaning I could use any typeface, make it big, different and illustrative as I felt. Of course it was time consuming so it also wouldn’t be practical to do something like that everyday. In any case it gives me future ideas that can be implemented on a larger scale within constraints.

The other part of this post actually has to do with the meaning of the quote. I think as people scale back on the magazines and papers that they buy, publishers will have to make a wow statement every time they put something out. The costs both financially and environmentally will dictate in the upcoming years that if you’re taking the time to create something, it better be worth it. The article doesn’t go into any of that but talks more to how digitally means are making those reference sources on paper obsolete. But as the article gets to, there’s something to be said for having a field guide available in a backpack as opposed to trying to do an electronic search out in the forest.

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