Yes, Stop Taking Advice and Start Learning on Your Own

stop taking advice

At first I wasn’t too sure how to take the post from Slant Six Creative’s blog post stop taking advice. In the post it suggests that reading too many blogs will drive you crazy, and within that context DesignNotes is mentioned along with a couple others. There’s one maxim where no press is bad press, but I also was wondering after reading it if that means that there’s one less person about to read about my observations. So I deferred to a friend to find out what she thought. Thankfully she thought it was actually quite a good post. The thing that surprised me about the original post was the premise that I’m giving advice. When I started this blog many years ago it was in reaction to what Neal was actually writing about. I was tired of reading about others giving advice and it was just a chance to get my thoughts out for me to learn from. So it’s a bit of a surprise to come full circle to some degree. While it is extremely flattering to be seen in that way, what I would agree with is to “Spend some time instead developing your own ways of solving problems. Get out there without really knowing what you’re doing and start making mistakes.” The quick and dirty way is to start a blog, or to take some photos or to write consistently. That way you have something to use as a benchmark for progress as you move forward.

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  • neal s

    Man, I did not in any way intend to present DesignNotes as an example of a site not to read. Far from it — I just wanted to point out some of the great sites I enjoy every day.

    The “stop taking advice” idea was a personal thing that I thought other folks might relate to. As in, “keep reading stuff you like but don’t lose sight of the fact that you still have to go out and learn by doing.”

    I really hope you weren’t offended. The only reason there was a list at all was to shout out to other sites I love.