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Nic Fulton, Reuters Chief technology strategist spoke last night at Daylife’s second cozy speaker series. The first event was a month ago when we had Clay Shirky talk about his great new book Here Comes Everybody. My friend Johanna wrote about her observations of that talk on her blog cellar door. I didn’t know much about Reuters aside from their news service before Nic’s talk and didn’t even know that they had a Reuter’s Labs The talk wasn’t long which opened it up for a lively discussion which seemed to fit into his demeanour. There was a couple things to note from the actual presentation. First, check out the labs site at http://labs.reuters.com, it gives an idea as to some of the things they’re experimenting with. When one of those projects becomes something that Reuters wants to put more resources into it leaves the labs area and it’s known as a graduation. Very cool process to consider where ever you are. Set up some creative people with limited resources, have the expectation that many of the projects will fail and when one does become manageable in a strategic and profitable way – have it graduate. Probably the most insightful thing I heard was about twitter and how they are using it to discover news – perhaps an earthquake. When certain keywords are mentioned over and over again it alerts a system which in turn helps find news almost real time. It’s an incredible idea that I think we’ll be seeing more of in the not so distant future.

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