Sleeping Nights of the Beautifool Mind and Marian is in her 45th year

Sleepless Nights of the Beautifool Mind

marian birthday45

Last Friday night was one of those evenings where you’re not too sure what to expect. Marian Bantjes was celebrating her 45th birthday in New York and had invited a lot of her friends to attend. I couldn’t verify if everyone that was on the list was there or not, but a person was more likely recognize someone then not. It was a little different from what I’m used to guest list wise. One person that I hadn’t meet before but enjoyed talking books was Rodrigo Corral. And then there was Debbie Millman who was her usual sleek self.

Another person that I had a fairly lengthy conversation with was Satoru Nihei. He publishes a monthly a series titled Sleepless Nights of the Beautifool Mind. They’re monthly journals that he writes in both english and japanese. There’s a number of twists to his writing – the english and japanese writings are not translations but two different stories. As he put it, if you don’t know japanese he hopes that you will find someone that does so the translator can share the story. An obvious question would be “why not a blog?” to his response was that it doesn’t have the same reading experience which is hard to argue with.

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