Keeping Track of You


morale-o-meter 2

morale-o-meter 3

A couple weeks back I was have tea w/ Jack Cheng and he mentioned how he was keeping track and organizing things in work and life. One site that he mentioned was Morale-O-Meter, a simple way of keeping track of a number of personal related things. There’s a number of categories ranging from health, moral to the amount of caffeine you take. You rate each of those items on a scale from one through ten. After saving the numbers it creates a bar graph of that day and compares it with the rest of your days via another graph. I’ve only been using it for a couple days so my chart isn’t that telling just yet, but I could see over weeks and months how the data would show interesting trends. Another great feature is that you can opt in to have an email reminder to fill in your information from the previous day. Also contained in that email is some “fun”, it picks out one persons chart that seems of the scale which is kind of interesting in itself. If I had one complaint it would be that sometimes it’s a bit buggy – I’m guessing that when a lot of people are on the site loading information at the same time it will not allow me to log in. If I hit refresh a couple times the server error goes away. Not a big deal but if you go to the site and it doesn’t seem to work you’ll at least know to just hit refresh. Make your own chart at

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