New York City Colour Updates

36 Days – Uncropped View of New York City Colour Study: Photos are from between 20 Feb 2008 & 28 Mar 2008.

72 Days – New York City Colour Study: Photos are from between 15 Jan 2008 & 28 Mar 2008.

I made a couple milestones this morning visually w/ my New York City Colour Study. It’s now been 36 days collecting the uncropped view and 72 days w/ the simplified view. While the number of days isn’t significant they do make a nice number to show as a pattern. At the point there’s a decent routine though as the sun rises earlier the photos have started to follow that. I’ve also been working out in the morning again so the photos tend to come after I get back. Once the sun is up by five am you’ll notice a spike around that time. I’m really enjoying how each day collected together is making a pattern that I would never had seen otherwise. I’ve always been drawn to the simplified version which is what I originally started but the uncropped view is definitely capturing my attention as well. Between now and my last post about this project I haven’t come up w/ any new graphic devices to show information which is ok. In part I blame the photo project ten15am for taking up my attention, but also b/c I haven’t seen any other informative ways to present it. Ok, that’s not entirely true – I am planning a site for the project but that’s a couple months down the road…

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